Hot nylons and panties on a sexy slut

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Not only do I love hot sexy nylons and panties but sometimes when I see a beautiful erotic woman wearing a nice pair of pantyhose, I don’t even want her to take them off so we can have sex. This amazing brunette slut that I visited yesterday welcomed me in a stunning set of lingerie, skin colored nylons and panties with black lace all around. Her sexy legs were made complete by an amazing pair of red stilettos with 12 inch heels and I wanted to fuck her so bad that my cock almost broke out of my jeans.

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Cheating wives in nylons

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I’ve got this colleague who is such a lucky bastard. He’s got one of those wives that can’t stop wearing sexy nylons even at home. I remember being so jealous of him on several occasions when I saw her. But one day I came around to his place looking for him and that horny slut wife of his opened the door wearing only her hot nylons with sexy suspenders! I was surprised and confused but I guess the slut already had her eye on me for some time and invited me in… between her legs that is, while her hubby wasn’t even home!

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Latina in hot nylons and panties

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This stunning Latina babe moved into the office right across mine and since then my work days turned into watching her sexy nylons and trying to get into her panties. As it turns out this sexy slut wasn’t at all playing hard to get and after only a few days of courting, I got the opportunity to see her nylons and panties up close and personal. I took the hot babe out to dinner and soon after we were at my place and I was ripping her sexy pantyhose to get to her warm and already wet pussy.

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Sexy wife in nylons gets fucked hard

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I just love pumping those sexy cheating wives in nylons that I have all over the plant where I work. I mean, these bitches aren’t all really top notch, but most of them are and they all are all neglected by their husbands and thus very, very horny. And I was never a man to deny a hot wife in nylons anything that she might need, especially if that something is a nice big hard cock to fill her steaming pussy! This last slut was a busty blonde that showed up at my office and quickly revealed that she has ho panties under her pantyhose.

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Hot secretary nylons and panties

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My secretary knows full well how horny I get when I see her wearing some sexy nylons, and today she wore a skirt so short to work that when she bent over her desk to find a pencil I caught a glimpse of her hot panties! I immediately locked the office and approached the horny slut from behind. I tore her nylons and panties to get to her already wet cunt and she let out a loud sigh as I ran my hard dick deep into her tight hole. I blasted her thrilling nylons with my semen and we went back to work like nothing happened.

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